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Clubmoor Conservative Mens Club
Back Broadway
Liverpool, Merseyside, L11 1HX
Tel: 0151 226 4944

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Liverpool offers world-class architecture, with more listed buildings than any city outside London. The heart of the city and its waterfront sit proudly alongside treasures like the Taj Mahal and Pyramids at Giza as a World Heritage Site. Whether you're looking for art and culture, sport or family outings for the half term holidays, you'll be spoilt for choice in Liverpool. verpool's shopping centre blends a mixture of well-known high street names and quirky independent Church Street Liverpoolboutiques. The city centre's newest shopping district, the Met Quarter, is home to MAC's only store outside London, plus a host of designer names including Armani, Prada, Gucci and Moulten Brown - not to mention the longest sculpture in Europe. Try Cavern Walks for Liverpool's stylish independent boutiques Cricket, Vivienne Westwood and Bardot. If you can avoid shopping till you drop, a night on the town is not to be missed. Liverpool's reputation for unforgettable nightlife was built on the back of the Cavern, and later Cream. Today the converted Polish church Alma de Cuba provides a stunning evening's entertainment, while the award-winning Chibuku Shake Shake has proved our latest international success. What's on in Liverpool


Social Clubs in Liverpool

Belmont Road Conservative Club
23 Belmont Road
Liverpool Merseyside L6 5BG
Tel: 01512 636549
Broad Green Conservative Club
1 Victoria Avenue
Liverpool Merseyside L14 3LR
Tel: 01514 752229
Churchill Conservative Club
Church Road
Liverpool Merseyside L15 9ED
Tel: 01517 333256
Derby Lane Social Club
19 Derby Lane
Liverpool Merseyside L13 6QA
Tel: 01512 288146
Fur & Feather Club Social Club
156 Mab Lane
Liverpool Merseyside L12 6QN
Tel: 01512 288087
International Social Club
151 Prescot Road
Liverpool Merseyside L7 0LD
Tel: 01512 288751
Liverpool Prison Staff Social Club
68 Hornby Road
Walton Merseyside L9 3DF
Tel: 01515 252443
Mecca Social Club
Breck Road
Liverpool Merseyside L5 4QF
Tel: 01512 647346
Nalgo Sports & Social Club
Alder Road
Liverpool Merseyside L12 2AY
Tel: 01512 285250
Old Swan Conservative Club
73 Derby Lane
Liverpool Merseyside L13 6QE
Tel: 01512 805243
Pavilion Bingo & Social Club The
Moss Lane
Liverpool Merseyside L9 8AW
Tel: 01517 087447
Royal Liver Social Club
Royal Liver Buildings Pier Head
Liverpool Merseyside L3 1BY
Tel: 01512 271920
Speke Hall Sports & Social Club
Sports Pavilion Dunlop Road
Liverpool Merseyside L24 1XA
Tel: 01514 861588
The Derry Social Club
Mere Lane
Liverpool Merseyside L5 0QW
Tel: 01512 631758
Tuebrook Conservative Club
2 Somerset Place
Liverpool Merseyside L6 4BE
Tel: 01512 870355
Walton Park Social Club
2 Walton Park
Liverpool Merseyside L9 1AB
Tel: 01514 748286
Wavertree Labour Club
13-15 Picton Road
Liverpool Merseyside L15 4LD
Tel: 01517 342711
Woodcutters Social Club
2 Chesterton Street
Liverpool Merseyside L19 8LB
Tel: 01514 275810
Aintree & Fazakerley Social Club
Harradon Road
Liverpool Merseyside L9 0HE
Tel: 01515 251162
Aintree Conservative Club
Office Lancing Drive
Liverpool Merseyside L10 8LN
Tel: 01515 269551
Beresford Social Club
125 Parkhill Road
Liverpool Merseyside L8 4TD
Tel: 01517 271277
Cadwa Social Club
Bowland Avenue
Liverpool Merseyside L16 1JP
Tel: 01517 228424
Conservative Club
Wavertree/The Churchill Club Church Road
Liverpool Merseyside L15 9ED
Tel: 01514 752641
Everton Park Social Club
Everton Road
Liverpool Merseyside L6 2EE
Tel: 01512 610075
Heath Hall Conservative Club
Heath Road
Liverpool Merseyside L19 4UE
Tel: 01514 949654
Jacobs Athletic & Social Club
Po Box 1 Long Lane
Aintree Merseyside L9 7BQ
Tel: 01515 259362
Mecca Social Club
439 East Prescot Road
Liverpool Merseyside L14 2DE
Tel: 01512 206468
Mere Lane Social Club
Mere Lane
Liverpool Merseyside L5 0QW
Tel: 01512 602056
Norgreen Centurian Social Club
Townsend Avenue Norris Green
Liverpool Merseyside L11 5AF
Tel: 01512 266844
Orrys Social Club
38 City Road
Liverpool Merseyside L4 5TE
Tel: 01512 849090
Reigate Social Club
Reigate Close
Liverpool Merseyside L25 5NB
Tel: 01514 210886
Sefton Park Conservative Club
27a Crawford Avenue Mossley Hill
Mossley Hill Merseyside L18 1DR
Tel: 01517 331104
Taxicab Drivers Sports & Social Club
2 Walton Hall Avenue
Liverpool Merseyside L4 6UF
Tel: 01514 740333
The Walton Conservative Club Co
7 Church Road
Walton Merseyside L4 5TX
Tel: 01515 252626
Walton Hospital Social Club
Rice Lane
Liverpool Merseyside L9 1AE
Tel: 01515 294440
Warbreck Conservative Club
63 Moss Lane
Liverpool Merseyside L9 8AE
Tel: 01515 254723
West Derby Conservative Club
36 Mill Lane
West Derby Merseyside L12 7JB
Tel: 01512 261059
Yesterdays Social Club
Walton Park
Liverpool Merseyside L9 1AB
Tel: 01515 232857


Liverpool is a city and metropolitan borough in Merseyside, England, along the eastern side of the Mersey Estuary. Historically, it is part of Lancashire, having been part of that county before being incorporated into the Merseyside metropolitan county in 1974. Liverpool is governed by one of five councils within the metropolitan county of Merseyside, and is one of England's core cities and its third most populous — 447,500 in 2006, with 816,000 in the Liverpool Urban Area, the conurbation around the city that includes other towns (such as St. Helens and Haydock) on the Liverpool side of the Mersey but not those on the Wirral Peninsula. The term Greater Merseyside is sometimes used to describe a broader area, which also includes the borough of Halton. Built across a ridge of hills rising up to a height of around 230 feet (70 metres) above sea-level at Everton Hill. The city's urban area runs directly into Bootle, Crosby and Maghull in south Sefton to the north, and Kirkby, Huyton, Prescot and Halewood in Knowsley to the east. It faces Wallasey and Birkenhead across the River Mersey to the west. Inhabitants of Liverpool are referred to as Liverpudlians but are also known as "Scousers", in reference to the local meal known as 'scouse', a form of stew. The word 'scouse' is probably a contraction of 'lobscouse'. If that is the case, then the Lancashire stew known as 'lobby' may well also have the same roots. The word scouse has also become synonymous with the Liverpool accent and dialect. In 2007 the city celebrated its 800th anniversary, and in 2008 it holds the European Capital of Culture title together with Stavanger, Norway. More on Liverpool 





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