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Railway Social Club
Fisherton St
Salisbury, Wiltshire, SP2 7QW
Tel: 01722 325411 


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Salisbury has been a favourite destination with visitors for the past 800 years or more. With first class visitor attractions, theatres, events, shopping, eating and drinking, Salisbury was voted, by Observer readers, in the top ten of the best British tourist destinations. There is an abundance of historical buildings peppered throughout the city to explore including the majestic sight that is Salisbury Cathedral’s spire’, Britain’s tallest, standing at a 123 metres and together with modern high street shops that are mixed with specialist retail outlets with something for everyone. What's on in Salisbury 


Social Clubs in Salisbury

Figheldean & District Working Mens Club & Institute
Figheldean Wiltshire SP4 8JT
Tel: 01980 670360
Harnham Community Sports & Social Club
Parsonage Green
Salisbury Wiltshire SP2 8LA
Tel: 01722 326173
Old Manor Sports & Social Club
Wilton Road
Salisbury Wiltshire SP2 7EP
Tel: 01722 329413
Salisbury Conservative Working Mens Club
50 St Ann Street
Salisbury Wiltshire SP1 2DX
Tel: 01722 327952
Shaston Social Club
Bleke Street
Shaftesbury Dorset SP7 8AW
Tel: 01747 852348
Stratford Social Club
57 Stratford Road
Salisbury Wiltshire SP1 3JP
Tel: 01722 500684
Wyndham Park Conservative Club
College Street
Salisbury Wiltshire SP1 3AL
Tel: 01722 553355
Bulford & District Working Mens Club
31 High Street
Bulford Wiltshire SP4 9DR
Tel: 01980 633332
Castle Street Social Club
Scots Lane
Salisbury Wiltshire SP1 3TR
Tel: 01722 328121
Fisherton Working Mens Club
15 Wilton Road
Salisbury Wiltshire SP2 7ED
Tel: 01722 334725
Netheravon Working Mens Club
High Street
Netheravon Wiltshire SP4 9PJ
Tel: 01980 670217
Railway Social Club
East Yard Fisherton Street
Salisbury Wiltshire SP2 7QW
Tel: 01722 325411
Salisbury Cycling & Social Club
Salt Lane
Salisbury Wiltshire SP1 1DU
Tel: 01722 503111
St Paul's Conservative Club
41 Devizes Road
Salisbury Wiltshire SP2 7AA
Tel: 01722 329412
Wilts & Dorset Social Club
8 Endless Street
Salisbury Wiltshire SP1 3UH
Tel: 01722 320533
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Salisbury is a cathedral city in Wiltshire, England. The city forms the largest part of the Salisbury district. It has also been called New Sarum to distinguish it from the original site of settlement at Salisbury, Old Sarum, but this alternative name is not in common use. Similarly, a native of Salisbury may be known as a "Sarumite", but this term is also not commonly used. In 1990 Salisbury was twinned with Saintes in France, and in 2006 with Xanten in Germany. The city is located in the south-east of Wiltshire, at the edge of Salisbury Plain. Salisbury railway station serves the city, and is the crossing point between the West of England Main Line and the Wessex Main Line making it a regional interchange. Salisbury is at the confluence of five rivers: the Nadder, Ebble, Wylye and Bourne are tributary to the Avon (Brythonic for 'river'), which flows to the south coast and into the sea at Christchurch, Dorset.
In 1219 Richard Poore, the then Bishop of Sarum decided to establish a new town and cathedral on an estate in his possession (confusingly known as Veteres Sarisberias - Old Salisburys) in the valley, on the banks of the River Avon. The town was laid out in a grid pattern, and work started in 1220, with the cathedral commencing the following year. The town developed rapidly, and by the 14th Century was the foremost town in Wiltshire. The city wall surrounds the Close and was built in the 14th century. There are five gates in the wall; four are original, known as the High Street Gate, St Ann's Gate, the Queen's Gate, and St Nicholas's Gate. A fifth was created in the 19th century to allow access to Bishop Wordsworth's School located inside the Cathedral Close. A room located above St Ann's Gate is where the composer Handel stayed, and whilst there wrote several works. During the Great Plague of London, Charles II held court in the Close. The novel Sarum by Edward Rutherfurd, is an imaginary retelling of the history of Salisbury. More on Salisbury


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